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For over 50 years Celia has perfected traditional Mexican recipes rooted in her home state of Durango, Mexico updating them with affordable ingredients readily available in local supermarkets while retaining authentic Mexican textures and flavors. Now her daughter, Anna, is preserving those recipes for future generations and lovers of quality home-cooked Mexican dishes.

Celia’s approach to cooking is about convenience and affordability without sacrificing flavor and nutrition…. it really is about every day cooking. She incorporates ready-made ingredients (found in the Hispanic food aisle of supermarkets) and enhances their flavors with favorite herbs, spices and cooking techniques to create traditional tasting Mexican dishes that have now become a part of the American culture.

Our Spiral-Bound Cookbook takes you step-by-step through each and every recipe with numerous photos, so that even the novice cook can quickly learn to prepare the most challenging of dishes such as, chiles rellenos, tamales, etc. and still enjoy the process of cooking.

ˇBuen Provecho! (Enjoy!)


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